Most read posts of 2010

Clockwise from left: Saturn, Sally Ingus Wilder, Bulimianne Rhapsody and Kaj-Anne Pepper at Blow Pony

This what what caught your eye or sparked heated debate on these very pages in 2010.

5 – Hot gay boys do Katy Perry’s “California Girls.”

Gay version of the biggest pop hit of the summer went viral. So hot it melted your popsicle.

4 – Aden Jaric jailed after Miss Thing […]

Jaric drama! Aden Jaric gets to use his get out of jail free card after Miss Thing punchup

Aden and Jordan Jaric in happier times

Aden and Jordan Jaric in happier times

Aden(l) and Jordan(r) Jaric in happier times

Gay porn stars and former boyfriends Aden and Jordan Jaric are in hot water after an altercation that happened at last Wednesday’s Miss Thing in Portland. After appearing together at the Bling Dental party on Tuesday, an alcohol-fuelled fight broke out at Miss Thing, and Aden Jaric smacked Jordan Jaric upside the head with a paperweight he received at the show as a gift. He now faces assault charges, and the fight has moved to twitter, where Byron Beck has now somehow become involved!

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