70's   protestRecently I’ve gotten bent out of shape because of the homophobia that’s pervaded my life. I’m tired of being expected to cater to people that I know deep down inside think I’m a second class citizen because I like hot man-on-man action. I could gush on and on about it, recounting many a woefully depressing tale, but I know it’s something we all have personal experience with to a greater or lesser extent. That being said, I hope that you never have to compromise your wonderful queerness – and remember those who came before us in the face of a far less tolerant society and said, in earnest: “FUUUCK YOU.”

(Right) Gay Liberation Front march, NYC, 1971: They were best known for storming and taking over many psychiatric conferences and single handedly causing the A.M.A. to declare in 1974 that homosexuality was no longer considered a disease, thus ending decades of brutal shock treatment and aversion therapy neither of which had any success. The GLF demanded that all discrimination against gay people by the law, employers, and by society at large should end; that psychiatrists stop treating homosexuality as though it were a problem or sickness thereby giving gay people senseless guilt complexes.

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