Weekend to do list of fun

Friday is going to be ridiculous, including Dolly Parton Hoot Night...

Holy goddess-mother it’s Pride season and there’s going to be a helluv a lot of ways to have fun this summer from here on out. I’ll do my best to highlight with I think sounds best but, you know, feel free to school me…


QDocUm yeah, this is actually all weekend. Get it while the gettin’s good. Opening party tonight with the hottest old drag queen and director Michelle Lawler. Hell yeah!

First Thursday – You already know about it if you’re artsy, and a lotta us gays are. But you should definitely check out Brent Pruitt’s Commie Pinko Fag exhibit at the Men’s Wellness Center and Audrey Lawson’s Queer Sex senior thesis show at PNCA.


Feyonce Revival ShowHairy drag at its best from Wayne Bund.

Art PartyFreak & Geek Pride Edition features weird ass video and gay ass haircuts. And everybody’s favorite gay artsy DJ wonder twins. Yeah!

Dolly Parton Hoot NightIn the land of “Keep Portland Weird” this is the most mainstream gay event of the night. Local musicians cover Dolly and I bet even let you sing along in this Siren Nation fundraiser.

La Lucha opening Night Dance PartyFeel the Latin heat at Boxxes.


Wait…is there seriously no big Saturday only night except for Anna’s birthday and the Crawfish Boil? Lucky you guys with your lack of public competition! Well, if you don’t know these folks then you best be going to Chicas Who Brunch in the morning and QDOC at night.


Latino Gay PrideThe big day at the Jupiter Hotel. Spanish speakers know how to party. Trust me.

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