Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day Portland! What are you doing tonight?

He has a celtic tattoo...proof enough he MUST be Irish

He has a celtic tattoo...proof enough he MUST be Irish

Gays and dykes seem to have a love hate relationship with St. Patrick’s Day…we love the drinking, the dancing, the getting dressed in funny clothes and the sexy Irish accents, but not so much the catholic church and the being banned from parades. But for once, I’m not gonna go onĀ  about politicsĀ  – I’m gonna get off my soapbox and give you some eye candy instead!

Here’s a gallery courtesy of Queerty that has some cute/hot irish guys (SFW). We’re still workin’ on finding some girls. But if you’re interested, check out this list of gay Irish heroes from ye olden days complete with cute old lesbian couples. It’s actually very interesting.

Do you have any St. Patricks Day plans? So far The E Room is hosting an event with green Jello Shots and the like, but what else is going on?

Let us know. If you find some queer irish eye candy, slap it in the comments!

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  • There is also a Killingsworth pub crawl, burlesque at Plan B, Ye Olde St Patty’s party at Red Cap and I’m sure there will be some Irish celebrating at both the free Matrimony/Gay Dcievers, Play/Start show as well as Gay Pizza/Fame with Guest DJ Alizeh