Spring Fever begins at Thursday's 'Do the Dark'

Special appearance by DJ Beyonda

Though we’ve actually gained an hour of light at the end of our sunny spring days, dusk is still the witching hour for frisky queer gatherings. Organizer and DJ Freddie Fagula is feeling the spring fever, categorizing the beginning as last week’s Bent. With a crowded, sweaty dance floor and hot homos sidling up to one another I can’t say I disagree.

He aims to keep that party vibe going with this Thursday’s Do the Dark Spring Break Edition at the Tonic (NE 31st and Sandy).

This month we’ve got Beyonda (Buck and Bounce, Hole in my Soul) and Girlfriends (Manic Mondays, Hard Times) who, if you don’t know, you should because they both have massive DJ talents. It’s especially exciting to have Beyonda back in our intimate queer party world.

And though Portlanders can occasionally be afraid of change, FF aims to bring a comfortably risky line-up that balances people playing new beats and doing some creative spinning, alongside DJs that deliver the familiar favorites. Freddie asks,

…we know our town is full of creative queer people so why should we only go dance to music from 10 years ago while others cities are up on the new shit!…Familiar jams + brand new sounds = Golden Dance Floor Times!!!

And while we are on the subject of the dancefloor, The Tonic’s is top notch. Not just a space between tables the 2 room club/bar has a well lit area perfect for Johnny Weir watching (which is what we did at the inaugural Dark), chatting, and seeing your date in the real light before venturing to the dark, cavernous back room. Here lowly lit booths and a just-the-right-size concrete dance space make the perfect place to be close-quartered or teasing, whichever you prefer.

Oh and did I mention it’s free before 10 and there’s dollar Jello shots all night long to get that spring break feeling flowing? Well, there you have it. Spring has sprung.

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