Get your freak on in the Menz Room

DJ Permanent Wave loves to sit on the lap of Christmas elves

With a dirty name like that, how could you not want to don your mustache, chaps, and prepare for a club night ride? DJs Permanent Wave, Yer Momm and Lucas take over Rotture (315 SE 3rd) tomorrow night and turn it into a Menz Room. But contrary to the more elite boy parties the “men” at this party are sure to be a genderlicious extravaganza.

Dirty masculinity as as a theme to embrace, enjoy, problematize and even make fun of, is emcapsulated perfectly by the bathroom. A traditional meeting place for gay men, it is now a meeting place for gays, lesbians, trans folks and queers of all flavors to congregate in a celebration of the mask of masculinity. And the crew encourages cruising as well as invitations to:

…men of every gender….Tops, Bottoms, Switches…Fags, Femmes, Bears, Daggers, Queens

Yes, I do believe in fairies, and yes, sometimes wet dreams to come true.

Donning a ‘stache of any type will get you in for cheap but a ride is gonna cost ya.

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