Homomentum’s Timewarp Talent Show recap and photos


Delilah Sinn teases with her rubber ducky routine

Saturday’s second installment of Homomentum: Timewarp Talent Show hit the E Room like a ton of bricks and we have the snapshots to prove it.

Host Max Voltage was charming as ever in spectacles and rainbow suspenders, introducing a cadre of fun, if not particularly thematic, acts.

Themes that did come through were either sexy, comedic or both, including a Donna Reed style striptease, adorable and sassy Radical Cheerleaders and an amazing rendition of Sesame Street’s Rubber Ducky by Delilah Sinn.

And though a beautiful woman covered in suds in a kiddy pool is hard to beat, the silly stylings of a complete Feyonce storyline, Catitude including the Titanic theme and a hair dryer, as well as an amazing interpretation of the lesbionic relationship between Xena: Warrior Princess and her plucky sidekick Gabrielle certainly held their own.

Two audience participation numbers sent home lucky winners Mason and Casper home with It’s My Pleasure packs for beating out all others in either performance with random props or being the quickest with a strap on.

The night was ended by the rapid movement of Under the Radar whose hot hip hop dance moves completely lived up to the expectation and inspired us all to keep the hips shaking throughout the night.

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