Homomentum reaches stage 2 this Saturday with Timewarp Talent show

Homomentum's Timewarp Talent show this Saturday

Homomentum's Timewarp Talent show this Saturday

Last month’s inaugural Homomentum installment was  a freaky success and this sophomore expedition into our past this Saturday should be just as enjoyable. I can’t wait to see some mall hair, and stiff high bangs when the folks from Pants Off Productions bring on the Timewarp Talent Show.

This month’s performance pleasures include burlesque from Jodi Bon Jodi and Venus Envy, hip hop dance from Under the Radar, and the dragtastic spectacle that is Feyonce.

The bold burlesque from JBJ was weirdly and wonderfully thematic for the Halloween season, so, despite a slight discomfiture remembering my own middle and high school experiences, I highly anticipate this month’s 90s throwback.

Feyonce, too, will bring some much needed drag queen energy to the E Room’s Tomb and his unshaven gloriousness does every faux Beyonce justice.

Especially exciting, however, will be the stunning choreography that newcomers Under the Radar bring. Fast, furious, sexy and complex the trio is not afraid to take risks on tiny stages.

Regular crowd pleasers Catitude and Untrained, I will also be in attendance at this irreverently Max Voltage emceed event. Be prepared, too, to have some of your own talent tested with audience participation contests. The stage fright, however reminiscent of those dark days of high school, is totally worth it with prizes from local female focused sex store It’s My Pleasure. So whether you were a jock, a prep, a nerd or an outcast you will want to see the queering of your past take place before your eyes. Cuz we all freaks now…

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