Update on the post BlowPony Violence (bloody imagery ahead)

Heather after the attack

Heather after the attack

It’s been pretty quiet around this issue in the last few days until we know what exactly will happen next and who is doing what. As far as I know, some people very involved in the community are considering a town hall style meeting, and BlowPony folks such as Airick, Jose and Heather (who got her nose broken after Blow Po) are going to the Portland Police SMRT (sexual minorities round table) with the police next month. I will most more info on the time, date etc as it becomes available. Audrey, who was the victim of transphobic and sexist harassment and told by the police that she didn’t need to file a report, has successfully filed a report against her attacker and the issue is being dealt with (we hope) by the police/courts/authorities.

We haven’t heard anything about any violence this past weekend (downtown gay bars such as redcap and cc’s, even the e room were surprisingly empty) but of course we are still keeping eyes and ears open for any development.

Heather got her nose broken in the attack

Heather got her nose broken in the attack

We now also have some pics of heather, who dances at Blow Po and got her nose broken by some asshole after last the Pride Blow Pony – this is one of the events that Airick is referring to in his comments. We are not sure whether the attacker was apprehended or not in this specific instance.

I’m not posting this be sensationalistic or gory, just to show people who think we are making a big deal out of nothing what queerphobic and transphobic violence looks like. As a personal victim of a bloody and violent gay bashing several years ago, I feel it is important to show the public that even a “bloody nose” can be a brutal and traumatizing affair.

I will give you more info as soon as I have it…

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  • litchick

    I know that our police officers are over worked and under paid and I would like to see that change. However, that fact does not excuse abusive behavior. Many forces now require a batchelor's degree for officers. This additional education is meant to help the officer be able to understand human behavior without imposing his or her personal judgements. It is PART OF THEIR JOBS to remain objective and treat each citizen equally. I've personally seen too many out of control officers making their honest, fair-minded peers look bad. They cannot be allowed to treat members of the GLBT with disdain. A stern talking to is not enough. There needs to be some form of discipline for their inability to take proper reports.