Thank You

Here, have a rainbow heart

Here, have a rainbow heart

To all of our friends and supporters who have helped us make’s first pride FAN FUCKING TASTIC.

Special thanks go to It’s My Pleasure for donating condoms, Janel and Leslie for carrying our banner and driving shit around, Squid for bringing their scooter and sidecar, Robert for helping out, Brittany for the Tshirts, Diana, Amy, Casey, Zack and Tita for marching with us, Heat for the camera, all the venues (Gaycation/Holocene, Mary McAllister, Out Like That, Mel, Blow Pony staff for keeping their cool, and a bunch more) for their support, Roger for DJ’ing, our friends at In Other Words and Gender (Free) For All, and all of our wonderful, wonderful friends and supporters. We couldn’t have done it without you (or our livers, but that’s another matter)

We love you.

Good night.

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