Training with Pride

Tim IrwinIt’s June. The pressure is on! No more rain, and lots of sunshine, lets face it this is why we all love Portland. Amazing summers, pool parties, Sauvies Island, sipping Margaritas at Dingos, sitting outside on the Red Cap Patio, and Burger nights at Starky’s. Portland is once again a thriving Oasis of food, booze, and yes swim suits, shorts, and tank tops. We can’t hide behind our Columbia Sportswear parka’s and wool sweaters. We are exposed! So Portland I turned to Tim Irwin, on the advice of my best friend, to get into shape.

Tim Irwin runs what I refer to as the best little ” Sweat Shop in Portland” located at 2839 SE Stark Street. Tim and his crew of amazing GLBT trainers offer an cutting edge environment for people that do and don’t like the gym, to start getting fit in a non judgmental fun atmosphere. And if your like me and afraid of machines, you won’t see one machine in there, it’s all about simple things you can do on your own. Ever done a Charlie’s angles lunge? A Spider Man Crawl? Or been stretched out while laying on your back? Well if you haven’t you should give it a shot.

Studio X offer a variety of group classes as well for folks that might not need or can’t afford a personal trainer, I reccomend “Punk Rock boot Camp” for something a little different, and punk fabulous. Oh and did I mention Starky’s is a block away so your cocktail reward is waiting for you on the patio.

Until Next time thats my P-Town snap shot.

3 comments to Training with Pride

  • qYVR Mate

    Love it Cassell.

    Yours truly,

    qYVR Mate

  • adinalepp

    Excellent. I love that he's magically suspended above the ball. Maybe that's what happens when you're fit. I, too, have the ability to oscillate above objects. I will eventually post about the fagulousness about bicycle work outs and all of the sort of helluv gay sports offerings in this fair city, like rugby, roller derby and soccer.

  • looking for better

    guess you guys don't do any kind of editing.? that's about the worst written post I've ever seen. is this a professional blog or a bunch of drunk kids playing around?