Breaking News: Chastity Bono announces gender transition

Chastity Bono, who has been out as a lesbian for almost two decades, announces gender transition.

Chastity Bono, who has been out as a lesbian for almost two decades, announces their gender transition. Photo from WireImage/FilmMagic

Just in! A few news sources across the web are reporting that Chastity Bono, long known to friends and family as ‘Chaz’ has decided to start tranisitioning from female to male. Go Chaz! I applaud Chaz’ decision to be honest and to transition – especially in the public eye. (And Cher’s their MOTHER, for crying out loud).

I have no doubt there will be a raging public debate about trans issues and what makes a “man” or a “woman”…hopefully, though, at the end of all the sound-bite- appropriate mudslinging there will be the opportunity to introduce trans-specific issues to the public on a broader level…

Good luck to you, much strength,  and happy Queer pride!

Cher is about to get a new son.

Chastity Bono, the celebrity offspring of the singer and late husband Sonny Bono, is changing gender from female to male, her publicist told the Daily News on Thursday.

4 comments to Breaking News: Chastity Bono announces gender transition

  • EcoCrafty

    This is amazing. To do this all publicly takes a lot of honesty, a lot of bravery, and a pinch of chutzpah

  • Yes, totally. While Chaz isn't the first celebrity to transition "on the job", (Alexis Arquette and Larry/Lana Wachovski are probably the first two) but Chaz is the first FTM (if that is how they identify…) to do so publicly, and wow, Cher…intense!

  • Maj

    I'm not really happy about this.. Why must dykons transition?

  • thisnik

    @Maj – seriously? It's not about a person's sexual orientation; it's about their gender identity and their relationship with their own body.

    Why must queers, of all people, ask why people have to express who they are? Do you really think that people choose to transition as a "popular" move? To have to deal with the shit of to medically transition or not, possibly losing the support of their friends and family, having to deal with legally changing their name and gender marker, and the shit they can get from .anyone. in a position of authority if they don't match?

    Why must queers hate and oppress others for expressing themselves?