Pride Weekend…Friday’s Pride happenings

Portland is Burning for BOYJOY at the Someday Lounge

Portland is Burning for BOYJOY at the Someday Lounge

Thank gawd it’s Friday! Day 2 of Pride weekend. Are you ready? Because, girl, you’ve got a long way to go…

Dirty Queer

Pride edition of this naughty poetry reading at In Other Words bookstore should be extra spicy.

Trans Family Picnic
6-dusk, Peninsula Park, bring food and games to share. BBQs provided. Anyone Genderqueer/trans identified, drag afficionado, and/or allies are welcome.

Portland is Burning, $3

Probably the best gender-mixed party of the night, PIB also has a great mix of DJs and performers. Organizer Seth Gottesdiener, aka DJ Girlfriends and frontman of Boy Joy wants PIB to be a sort of Queer 101 for straight people, but judging from past events I gotta say that it qualified as at least an upper division class. This shit is queer!

With a special appearance from New York City’s DJ Bruno, a SoHo regular who lent a song to the soundtrack of Michael Alig manifesto Party Monster, DJ Automaton, Boy Joy performance at midnight and drag sets by local divas Sizzlean Jambon, Vivica Valentine and Sable Scities might normally be enough to satisfy. But there’s also tarot readings by Ms. Renne, the Butch Queen Beauty Salon and a proposed “vogue off.”

If your diverse crew is arguing over where to go…Go here.


Boyville, aka Boxxes/Red Cap, on Friday night features the third annual black light party. Wear a tight white T and mark up your friends with flagging that can be oh so much more specific than hankies. Plus, pretty boys and girls will be taking the stage in a dayglow fashion show. Neon body painting and glowing gogo dancers make a for a bright and sexy hot spot.

Gaycation, $5

A night that began as a fairly underground Wednesday night gig has become a packed house with long door lines and a crowd of 75% hiiper-than-thou dyklings. But in a good way! It’s packed. It’s bumpin’. And DJs Mr Charming, Snowtiger, Dreamcatcher and Judical, plus special performer Pashly really know how to keep in touch with its nonstop dance audience. You can be bold and do it up on the speakers, be part of the heaving crowd or just take in the beautiful pride night air. For the girls this is the Friday place to be.

Fruitcake @ Rumpspankers for Pride 2009

Fruitcake @ Rumpspankers for Pride 2009

Fruitcake, $3

Or maybe this is the place to be actually…A more intimate and “in the know” dyke crowd, Fruitcake up in NPDX will feature dirty disco from special guest DJ Jenny Hoyston (from Erase Errata) and regulars Nolita and Ladyboy. There will also be Jello shots and go go dancers. And while many joints will have half-naked bodies dancing for your pleasure, Rumpspankers is such a tiny venue that the hotties may practically be in your lap.

E Room Pride kick-off, $5

If you are without pre-function plans you can get over the the E Room for an early 7 pm start time. Live music from Kiss Kill, Bitter Sober and JoHanna start the evening off. Then DJ No-No takes over. Also featuring totally gay lollipop karaoke (I don’t know what that means) and Pride Gear giveaways.

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  • Mike

    Tag a Fag Night at Red Hat Garage…Wow! I thought I was strait when i went in…Now I wish I had gotten some phone numbers! :*)