Tila Tequila 2nd season winner wimps out

In what was surely a shocking season-ender, Tila actually chose the woman instead of the stud. This time, however, it was more the typical porn flick blonde rather than last season’s dashing futch Dani Campbell. But the real surprise?

This girl just couldn’t stomach the Tequila.

Beach bimbo Kristy had admittedly never had a relationship with a woman before, but Tila was willing to take the chance. Ultimately Kristy tearfully confessed that she was not ready to be a lesbo. Oh poor Tila, you just keep giving up your heart and they leave you! How could they? I think it’s time for you to admit to the true affair you’ve been nursing the entire time with that elusive and fickle lover…reality-star fame.

So rev your engines and get ready for Round 3!

View the heartbreaking scene from the finale below.

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  • TooLander

    Does anyone read this blog?? I use to see some lively discussion in here so I’d take a regular look, but no more. I appreciated seeing other’s points-of-view but then most all dissenting points were getting removed from the comments. People can see censorship and this blog is like the gay version of the Soviet Union Pravda now.