Pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, gives birth

Thomas Beatie, the transgendered Bend, Oregon fella that made all sorts of headlines, and even an appearance on the Oprah show, for carrying his own biological child, has finally given birth to a baby girl.

In a reportedly natural birth (earlier rumors that Beatie was to have a caesarean were false) the Beaties delivered a healthy baby. So far, Beatie’s years of testosterone therapy do not seem to have affected the child.

Additional gossip-mongering from TMZ suggests that he checked into the hospital this morning under a fake name…

5 comments to Pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, gives birth

  • 3ballinyoeye

    Congrats to Thomas!

  • PdxCobra

    A false name? no doubt. Leave him alone and let him have her. Yep. I believe that’s how I wanted to phrase that.

    Congrats! I know I could never give birth, so mad steezy ill props to ya Tom.

    Take that women! Men can do it too!

  • dasunshines

    To the proud parents~
    Love this child, you do not own the baby, but you have been given the honor to love this little one with all your heart. I hope he or she grows up to know that the people around them love with everything they have inside. To grow up knowing they are valued, not for what they do, but for who they are…

  • AntiSheeple

    I want to be updated in 14 years as to how messed up that little girl is. It’s my opinion that society will abuse her for the show that her trendy, controversial parents put her through. She will most likely suffer from the same sicknesses that her parents have, only more intense because of the amplification.
    I want nothing more then to be wrong; in fact I pray that I am wrong. I don’t condemn them for doing what they did (in being transgender or starting a family) or being who they are but its evidence of mental illness that they chose to dwell in the publicity of it all. Normal people are different, and unique; sick people have to be noticed. This kid is not going to have a fare life. She will be ridiculed for one others life decision. Parents need to think for the kids not themselves. I am not saying that same sex partner should not have children; I only say they should not go out of their way to draw controversial worldwide attention to a child that will not have any say until it’s too late as to what her opinion is.

  • Julie22

    The poor child doesn’t have a chance. Any sane female, (not MALE to the media folks) would not put her maternal “needs” before the child as SHE gives birth posing as a male. The DNA and the apparatus don’t match up to be a man’s. Thomas is a Thomasina.

    Some facial hair? So what. Women with facial hair get it zapped off.