One on one with DJ Party Martyr

I join Jen K. aka Party Martyr at Random Order Coffeehouse. Jen joins me after a long morning in a Chinook trailer van parked at the Portsmouth Pizza parkinglot. It’s a balmy afternoon on Alberta street right before the bustling last thursday event begins. Over the squealing of espresso machines and roar of hungry pie goers we sat at the bar and I got to ask Jen K. a couple […]

Wednesday night happenings

What else is there to say about reletive newcomer Gloss? It’s the best ladies lounge night around, some of the best drink specials in town, and ambience abounds. This week’s party will feature the Red Hot Soulful sounds of DJ Nolita of Fruitcake and DJ Shannon Wizbang of Olympia fame. Plenty of dark corners to get lost in and really feel the music, if you know what I mean.