Wednesday night happenings

genderfkWhat else is there to say about reletive newcomer Gloss? It’s the best ladies lounge night around, some of the best drink specials in town, and ambience abounds. This week’s party will feature the Red Hot Soulful sounds of DJ Nolita of Fruitcake and DJ Shannon Wizbang of Olympia fame. Plenty of dark corners to get lost in and really feel the music, if you know what I mean.

The first GenderF@#%! at Red Cap Garage (1035 SW Stark St) was a bit hit or miss but with a mantra as amazing as “You never have to tuck, when you come to GenderF@#%!” combined with the allure of philanthropy, drag bartenders and great tunes, how can you not give the newbie another chance?

Here at GenderF@#%! we’re celebrating raising over $800 for top surgery, welcoming DJ Gavin into town, looking forward to performances by Satori and Art School Dropouts, scrounging some pirate gear together to end the summer in Swashbuckling Style, and raffling off killer prizes donated by Sky Nebeulah Evolution, and Koipod Salon. PLUS, if you’ve never had a drag queen as your bartender, then you are missing out my friend!

So come dance it out with us, see a show, grab a drink special, and see your $3 at the door add up to some long-awaited surgery for one person from Portland’s Trans community.

Lastly, there’s the schizophrenically named Fame/Gay Pizza/Slice at Portsmouth Pizza. DJ Alizeh plays hip hop and top top 40 with electro mix masher DJ Party Martyr to celebrate all those Virgo beauties.

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