The ass shakin’ you missed at Big Freedia

In case you weren’t at Dante’s on Saturday for what must surely have been a sissy bouncing inferno. I heard that it was off the chain so I figured I’d give us all a taste of what we missed at the MFNW Big Freedia show with DJ Beyonda and CJ and the Dolls.


Gay favorites at MuscFest NW

Former Sleater-Kinney frontwoman Corin Tucker (center) now leads her own band at MFNW this Wednesday night

Portland’s big music festival, MusicFest NW, begins tomorrow spewing hip PDX-approved music of many genres over multiple days. And though the conglomeration of music love and music snobbery come in all flavors, they are gleefully mixed. So I’d like to shed some light on the performers dear to a gay audience you won’t […]