Gula Delgatto covers Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ (video)

Gula Delgado

Gula DelgadoI was in attendance last Saturday (the night of wildly competing queer events) for drag raunch queen Gula Delgado aka Eric Sellers‘ video release party. Held at Maricon at the Matador, the tiny dive bar west of downtown, the space was incredibly packed and difficult to navigate but the drinks were cheap and everyone was friendly despite (or perhaps because of) the lack of personal space.

A brilliant rendition of Robyn‘s Dancing On My Own, Delgado’ not only donned the parody outfit but actually sang the tune herself in the video directed by Devon McGrath. It wasn’t quite as out there as one might expect after seeing Gula do some really nasty things on stage, such as the sex, drugs and scattalogical references during her ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas performance but it was satisfying and easy to dance to. Some fans thought this might be an attempt not to completely scare the mainstream (or Marty Davis, who has already admitted her fear).

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