Can’t we get over my penis? (missed connection pt.2)

Can’t we? And I quote “Can’t we get over my penis? It’s not even that impressive; more like an extra-large clit. What are you, sizeist now?” This delivered straight from the missed connection section of craigslist. It’s hilariously titled “Missed Connection with Every Lesbian Girl I’ve Ever Swooned Over.”

I’m not going to ask the question of why. I know why. Gay women are hot.

Imagine me and the drunken dude.

Women are hot. Women kissing each other with no men present is hot. Honestly, I think that the bi women are the ones who really get to men. There’s potential there.

Straight dude to me on New Year’s Eve at the E-Room: Do you want to dance?

Me: Like with you and your gay friends?

Dude: No. Just me.

Me: So you came here to meet women?

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Rugby (fun)draiser

Today from 6 until late pm theĀ  Oregon Rugby Sports Union (ORSU) women’s team will be holding an all you can eat, all you can drink spaghetti feed. There will be kegs and large vats of spaghetti as well as a silent auction.

The ORSU team have been slected to compete in the brand new USA Rugby Premiership. The Premiership is a league of the best teams in […]

Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!

It’s safe to say that Dirty Queer, the monthly open mic at your local feminist bookstore happening this friday from 6-9pm is dirtier than dirt. At times its dirtier than an orgy of naked tree-sitters making the nasty in a mud pit (not that I’ve ever experienced anything like this. at all). Case in point: a few months ago, someone read a piece about getting off to tornadoes and […]