Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!

It’s safe to say that Dirty Queer, the monthly open mic at your local feminist bookstore happening this friday from 6-9pm is dirtier than dirt. At times its dirtier than an orgy of naked tree-sitters making the nasty in a mud pit (not that I’ve ever experienced anything like this. at all). Case in point: a few months ago, someone read a piece about getting off to tornadoes and hurricanes. He talked at length about how incredibly hot it was that the wind could cycle around itself at speeds of hundreds of miles and leave a trail of death and destruction in it’s wake.  He even included Katrina in the mix. Yeah, that Katrina. Really, is there anything hotter, or more ridiculous than a well-written piece of erotica with natural disasters as a motif?

Last month Heather Hawkins sang a song featuring sperm balloons. Someone else wrote an excruciating piece about bad sex on a squeaky twin bed in her parents’ house.

Sperm balloons. Hurricanes. Bad sex. Anything sexy, or not is fair game.

It goes down at In Other Words Bookstore, 8 NE Killingsworth. $1-5 sliding scale.

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