A weekend to get hot and stay Hott for the weekend before V Day

Lady Serendipity Jones will be at Bent Friday


Dirty QueerDQ has been serving up the sexiness in spoken word form for over 5 years now. No better place to get riled up for your Friday night.

Bent I love it when a favorite club night brings it for no other reason than to have a good time in dreary February. This week we’ve got DJs in town from LA and Seattle and some damn sexy queer drag from Serendipity Jones. And you’ve also got the legendary Eric Sellers in the photobooth.

Have a Heart On: Sexxxy dance partyA new dance party so sexy it needs three Xs in the title. A queer bar with an open flavor one half of this DJ duo was just profiled this week. Expect something just as queer as parties farther north with the drink specials of inner SE. It’s going to be a little different and a lot of fun.

Sugar does Portland – An underground female fashion and art. What could be more Portland? Artists from all over the country, many of whom are from PDX, are in for what surely will be a long and fascinating night.


Hott – Seems like Crush is trying out some new tricks and I applaud that. This is yet another brand new night in the occasional gay block the SE Morrison area. We queers love to pretend we are all inclusive but it’s nice to have a space that at least attempts to cater to the ladies as well. This is especially so without our own bar, and with Crave being only 4 times a year. So this one’s for the ladies. I’m excited to see how we bring it.

Awkward Open Mic with Q Poetry – And you thought you’re high school readings were embarrassing. Let’s relive it professionally now with a group of queers in a positive setting. This time the Trench Mouth Medicine Show is in town and they will “heal our crooked selves from our crooked selves!” Sounds as exciting as it is awkward.

Party Foul In case you missed Seattle’s DJ Nark the night before at Bent you have another chance with Red Cap’s Party Foul. Straight up carnal fun in prep for Valentines Day. Add that to a neon photobooth and dollar wells from 10-11 and they can be my Valentine.

Rebel Grrl feat the I’s + The Happening – A night for 90s nostalgia for all us OlyWa lovers and dyke PDX teens. This edition also includes some modern day versions live so it’s a show and DJ night in one.

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