2 Girls, 1 Podcast ep#7: well groomed and dangerous

Comedian Roseanne grabs her crotch in perhaps the most famous National Anthem ballgame starter in 1990.

This week 2 Girls, 1 Podcast records from the bar which makes us even more ridiculous in our commentary, like bringing up the lack of Grindr for women (“um, lesbians invented grinding”) and the already escalating gay gang war.

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Plus, we make fun of the National Anthem like the godless liberals we are and propose Orinoco Flow as a better alternative. Be sure to check out a video of Roseanne Bar‘s rendition, Madonna’s defense, and some clips of them appearing together on SNL’s Coffee Talk.

And hey girl, what the hell was behind that hacking of the Clark County Chamber of Commerce?

And to continue the in depth political commentary we make sure not only to spread Santorum but also spread Romney. It’s a whole new shit storm.

But TV is more interesting. So we vow to watch RuPaul‘s Drag Race and discuss the merits of monstrous vs. traditional drag.

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