Gifts for the Body Beautiful

Nailed by Ally's Twin Peaks set

#1 Bodywork

Whether it’s acupuncture, massage, rolfing or reiki Portland has no shortage of homos and homo-lovers practicing amazing bodywork.  Reiki practitioner Venae Rodriguez  will help clear and balance your chi, or essential life force for relaxing and renewing break as well as a healing from the holiday craze you’ve just endured. If you want to get poked, Avi Brockman and Alison Carr at Alberta Street Acupucture (1829 NE Alberta St #A) or Green Wayland at Seven Star Acupuncture (436 SE 12th Ave) are good bets. And if you’re ready for the hardcore re-structuring of rolfing check out Adam Persinger (2100 NE Broadway) and Karin Edwards (1707 SE 33rd). Sheila Rasari of True North Massage (1603 NE 16th Avenue, Suite B) has also been recommended with a host of types of massage available.

#2 Holistic Health Coaching

Whether you need nutrition consultation, meal planning or just healthy cooking class Erica Blair is the one to visit. With knowledge about gluten free, macrobiotic, vegetarian and countless other diets she knows that each person needs a unique program to for their unique body.

#3 Get your nails done and your hair did

Get your nails done and your hair did because it’s time to treat yourself to a beauty regimen. For nails that are beyond adornment but full on art you’ll want to see Nailed By Ally ( She even has a full 10 image set based on Twin Peaks. I’ve never seen nail art quite like it. She’ll even come to your private event.

As for the locks, Portland has a surprising amount of queer stylists both male and female. I have been going to Beth Ramsey at Chou Chou Salon (8707 SE 17th Ave) for about 6 years now and can’t recommend her enough, although you’ll want to book early, as she books up quickly. Certified organic har color and green leaning salon Gilly’s (2512 SE Clinton St) has also been recommended, especially Brandie Taylor.  Bishops is a reasonably priced choice and employs plenty of homos.

The midcentury inspired decor at Chou Chou

#4 Pleasure yourself

A sexy gift for sweetie can be a gift for you as well. Whether its reading material, videos, or toys you can’t go wrong with giving in to lust. Mississippi neighborhood favorite She Bop (909 N Beech) is a great spot run by two knowledgeable and friendly women. I especially love the little mini-museum of sex toys nestled among the contemporary works of art that are some of their insertables.

And one of their stars in these works of art are Porcelin Pleasures, handmade by a local sex-positive artists and performers these ceramic toys are gender neutral and beautiful…just like many of us. You can even order directly from them if the if you’re too shy for the trip into a store (but I promise it’s not scary!).

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