Translady Fanzine, mens baths products and frou frou vodka, a few of my gayvorite things

Zackary Drucker on the cover of Amos Mac's premiere issue of Translady Fanzine

This is something of an addendum to the Holigay Gift Guide. I occasionally get requests to review random products and, as one who loves to try new things, I usually give them a shot. Recently I received a line of mens skincare called Organic Male as well as some new and sweet holiday appropriate vodkas from Smirnoff. I’d also been putting off reviewing Amos Mac and Zackary Drucker’s Translady Fanzine from a couple months back. The procrastination was wholly my own schedule and not due to the amazingness that awaited me in the full color pictoral magazine premiere.

But I did want to eventually visit each of these things. So what’s a queer to do but take a weekend morning (or, let’s be real, midday) to draw a bath and take in all 3 pleasures. And just in time for you to consider buying them for yourself or others, holiday gifts or parties.

Translady Fanzine is clearly the big draw in this day, and as I settled into the warmth of the tub the letter interactions of Mac and Drucker felt like just the perfect combination of esoteric academic and “I’m really high.” These seem to combine more than you might think. Here they’re juxtapositioned with beautifully striking images of Drucker in poses that are occasionally sexual but always intimate. This mirrors the direction the letters take as well. Zack and Amos have amazing chemistry. They express a closeness that is open and thoughtful and acknowledge the sexuality around photographing the body while not getting mired within it. And yet, it’s also just plain hot. The images are mesmerizing portraits and fashion photography at once. The cover shows Drucker in furs, and not much else, in the snow of a high school football field.  This series was my favorite.

You can buy this limited edition, large format, fine art photographic periodical right from them at

And one to Organic Male’s new clay clarifying cleanser OM4. If only the hip music that plays on the website played everytime you opened the bottles. Still, the packaging makes you almost able to hear it. I may sound like I’m mocking but I’m not. I love some good industrial design, especially for products that are for pampering. And I feel pampered using this line.

The smell is subtle and fresh, and just the right amount of earthy to balance out the fey. The 3 step after bath moisturizing regimen seems a little much but at the same time makes you feel special if you have the time for it. I’ve taken to skipping a step on most days. It is on those subsequent days, as well, that the various shades of greens and browns that each little magic bottle contains, can become a little too natural and gross looking. But, on the whole a nice way to protect and moisturize your skin and feel stylish doing so. It makes a great gift especially because there’s only a few places you can get it so it’ll show you thought ahead. There are a few places along the west coast to get it in person, but ordering online would probably be the easiest, which you can find on their website.

And now we’re finally ready for a drink. For that we turn to Smirnoff‘s new line of suagary vodkas Fluffed & Whipped, where sweetness and gimmick meet. But again, I think I’m ok with that. On their own the whipped cream was incredibly syrupy but good, the marshmellow a bit too unnatural tasting. But then I popped a shot in some hot cocoa and with a vegan marshmellow on top and it was heaven. For holiday drinks with some hipster sugar it’s not a bad bet.

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