Same sex couples census data in Oregon

Though the 2010 census did not provide a comprehensive ability to show the amounts of queer people living in this country there was some reporting about same sex couples. And the UCLA School of Law’s William’s Institute, which bills itself as a group that advances critical thought in the field of sexual orientation law and public policy, has just released some findings on same sex couples in Oregon.

A snapshot of the snap shot includes 14,979 same sex couples in Oregon, or about 9.9 per 1000 households with Multnomah county having 5897 or 19.36 out of 1000 and Lincoln and Lane both having over 10 per 100 (Washington and Jackson were close to 10). As for cities, Portland reported 5446 couples or 21.91 per 1000 with Garden Home-Whitford a close 20.87 and other cities West Haven-Sylvan, Lincoln City and Ashland next.

I find this an interesting and surprising mix. Where’s Eugene? No north coasters? Of course, there’s all kinds of possible reasons, non-reporting, inside vs. outside city limits, single vs coupled etc.

And then there’s the kiddos. Only 25% reported raising children, 65% of those being female couples.

You can check out more factoids, such as the 68%  increase in same sex couples, video and more in this article.

Click to download the entire PDF of same sex couple census data in Oregon.

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