Weird Bar (formerly the E Room) closing for good this month

E Room/Weird Bar owner Kim Davis. Photo by Jamie Francis / The Oregonian

When lesbian bar the Egyptian Room threatened to close its doors and instead re-emerged as the “normal-friendly” Weird Bar the community roared. Some supported the efforts of owner Kim Davis, some decried the changes as a lie and a betrayal.

Less than a year later it may be a moot point. The weird, lesbian, normal, whatever bar that has existed in SE 37th and Division for 15 years is set to close August 20th with Kim Davis saying, “…we originally were looking to sell when we announced the closing of E-room, but we couldn’t get the value we needed, so we tried something new.  We now have an offer we must take.”

Both attempts at selling the bar stemmed from some very serious medical issues Davis has been experiencing over the past year. Although Kim confirms the closure with a note of sadness she is also excited to start a new chapter of quality time and relaxation with her partner.

While it both saddens me to give it up I am also excited to start a new chapter with my Michelle.  We have been together sixteen years, and it will be nice to actually spend some time together without having to worry about the bar.  I am thankful for all the support we have received from our community during the E-room years and the transition to Weird Bar.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  We have built many lasting, loyal friendships during the years and will hold on to some great memories.

Their last big event in the back bar (known as the “Other Bar”) will be this Friday the 12th with Kings for a Cause III, a drag performance fundraiser for SMYRC and Camp Kindle.

No matter what I thought of the controversy surrounding the E Room or the many complaints that have circulated for years it was sad to see Portland lose its only lesbian focused bar and sad to see it continue its slow march towards death. There are still many places for lesbians, dykes and queer women to drink and make merry but none to quite call our own. A community member who shares this sense of loss has created a survey to gauge interest in a new dyke bar, so I encourage you all to take it. But that would still likely be years down the road.

So farewell sweet Egyptian club, we knew ye well, and had a place in our hearts. And good luck in Kim and Michelle in your new lives of relaxation.

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