This weekend reclaim your pink, get a butch crush and don’t fall into the blow pony man trap

Cat Fancy performs Saturday at Fat Fancy


Reclaiming Pink a short performance by Max Voltage – The co-creator of Homomentum and Homo’s Got Talent hasn’t been heard from all summer (oh my god so long!), but Max is back with a free performance that is part of the JAW Playwrights Festival. This journey through gender and back again is sure to be the colorful and expressive performance we’ve come to expect from Voltage and I’m particularly excited to see how the Men’s restroom plays out as a stage for the piece. It continues throughout the weekend so make sure you spare a half hour somewhere along the way.


Mantrap@RedCap – Fridays at Red Cap just got a lot better with the introduction of current It Boys DJ Lunchlady  and photographer Wayne Bund. Surprise performances round out the part. This week it’s Sweat/Shine and Devan McGrath, making any guy’s dream team.


Cat Fancy @ Fat Fancy – Everyone favorite plus size fashion palace often has afternoon socials worth attending as well. This looks a full on nighttime party with surf-y garage band Cat Fancy and goth band with one of the best names for making sexual innuendos, Dark Entries. The meager $1 cover is a perfect compliment to the quasi-punk rock atmosphere I expect from this show and as a bonus all pink tags are 50% off and it’s 10% off all other clothing except red tags.

Butch Crush fundraiser for BV – Bust out your andro love at this benefit for Butch Voices, a group dedicated to the well-being of those masculine of center. The sounds of DJ Brad PDX should compliment antics of hosts TD King and and Belinda Carrol nicely.

Blow Pony vs. Georgia Ray Babycakes – Tune in for another edition of the big ass Blow (Out) Pony with special guest Drag Mansioner Georgia Ray Babycakes. It’s that dual floor party every month that we all relish and love/dread hearing stories from. It’s summer dude, you know you’ll be there.


Chunky Dunk pool party – Last Sunday was abysmal, with cold water falling from the shivery sky rather than cooling summer heated bodies. But hopefully the sun has accepted Portland’s friend request and clicked “attending” to this Sunday’s Chunky Dunk repeat. Cuz it’s a really great thing when you can abandon body shame to frolic poolside with other chubs and body-positive peeps.

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