3 on 3 basketball tourney for the ladies

There’s an exciting opportunity coming up for women who love basketball!

HRC’s annual 3 on 3 tournament is on Saturday, July 23rd in NE Portland’s Irving Park. Registration is open until 2pm on Thursday, July 21, and costs either $20 for an individual or $80 for a team.

The tournament is open to players of all skill levels, and there will be both a rec bracket and a competitive bracket. No need to worry if you haven’t laced up your sneaks in years — there’s bound to be a spot for you.

It’s no secret that HRC is not the ideal queer rights group, and that understandably may prevent some women from wanting to play. Still, it’s rare to find an explicitly gay-friendly/gay-supportive tournament like this. And besides, who doesn’t want to reenact the “Shopping, bitch!” scene from the L Word?


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