A Snarky(er) recap of the Womens World Cup

Abby Wambach gets the second point for the USA with her head in yesterday's Women's World Cup final

Most people will tell you I’m not much of a sports person, and watching on TV rather than playing or watching in person even less. But I watched yesterday’s Women’s World Cup from beginning to end in rapt attention, as evidenced by my play-by-play tweeting. It was a ridiculously exciting game, and even though we lost we played like champs and no one can begrudge tsunami ravaged Japan their victory celebration.

As for USA players, early scorer and youngest team member Alex Morgan was a star and lesbian (though not officially out, but not particularly closeted either) Abby Wambach, who scored our second goal with her head, was the player to watch. Indeed, I know you’re all search for the picture of her head-butting it in, so I’ve included it here.

For a recap of the game from a lesbian perspective check out this picture laden blog post from Dorothy Snarker. Her picture captioning is also entertaining, like this gem showing USA team member (and another quasi-out lesbian) Hope Solo and Japanese team member Ay Miyama,

Um, doesn’t this totally look like Hope’s trying to pick up Aya after the game? Like, “Hey, girl, hey. Good job winning the World Cup. Can I come back to your place and, you know, touch it?” What? I’m looking for a silver lining, people.

Even if Solo didn’t quite live up to the heroism we’ve bestowed upon her, it’s still worth checking out those abs. Even the medic who attended her in overtime had to pat her ass on live camera. Don’t think we didn’t all see that mister…

You can check out video highlights and some play-by-play recaps on the official FIFA website.

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