Photos from Saturday’s Blow Pony vs. Double Duchess

May proved another great Blow Pony and photo snapper extraordinaire Melody Awesomazing once again caught a lot of awesomeness with her camera. Here’s just a taste of the outfits, the joy and the wonderful nastiness of the Blo Po crew.

You can view the complete set on the photos page.

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157626718264249/” items=”30″ type=”galleria”]

2 comments to Photos from Saturday’s Blow Pony vs. Double Duchess

  • nopt a pony fan

    is this site ran by blow pony you have so many posts about that night and hardly any other club night posts. you might as well be the dykes at just out !

  • We have plenty of other club night posts, but more pictures from Blow Pony than any other it’s true. We are not affiliated with BP in any way other and being friendly but it has quickly become the most popular alterna-queer club night by far and our coverage is a reflection of that.

    It’s audience is also the most picturesque. It’s easy to get interesting shots rather than the sea of tight v-necked shirts you might see elsewhere.

    qPDX doesn’t always post ONLY what our users want to see but that is important to us and Blo Po is DEFINITELY something out users want to see. I gots the stats to prove it.

    As far as being like the “dykes from Just Out” not only does that sound a little offensive but I have no idea how you’d make that leap. We followed Blow Pony well before anyone there had ever heard of it. And it’s definitely not a “dyke” night.