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Get your BCN/PDX order in by Thursday!

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The Ethical Butcher’s bacon train is making its way back to Portland! Get in on the BCN/PDX action by picking up a slab, or five. This is a great chance for those not lucky enough to be in the bacon club to try these slabs of meaty gold! A winter version back around the holidays was a huge success and now it’s time for 5 new spring flavors. At just $30/slab or all five for $125, orders for BCN/PDX Spring Slabs and Slices can be placed until March 31st. Slabs will be ready to cheer you up on that dreaded day, Friday, April 15th. Pay Ceasar and then make the best salad ever, or try one of the other recipes included in your order!

Gift certificates available! Email for order info:

Spring Slabs & Slices

Blooms & Boom!

St. Germain, Gin, Roses, Lavender, Juniper Berries, Chamomile, Jasmine

The floral flavors in this one will surprise you with their depth! Fragrant and full of beautiful edible flowers, this one stands out in the field!

Sweet Beets

Beets, Dill, Caraway Seeds, Caramelized Onions with Rye Crust

This gorgeously rose-colored savory slab is a dream on a bacon cheeseburger with a creamy blue. Its earthy flavor is ready for big weekend brunches and heavenly BLTs!

In Like a Lion

Cocoa Nibs, Lavender and Meyer Lemon Zest

Deep and dark, but far from dreary, this slab will blow you away! This subtle slab is great for a classic breakfast or for experimenting with the wonders of candied bacon!

Fits & Starts

Tequila, Intelligentsia Single-Origin Coffee, Candied Citrus and Serrano Chiles

This one is daaaangerous! Tequila and coffee combine with serrano chiles for a bacon that will perk you up any day, and just when you thought it might get out of hand, sweet candied Meyer lemons and blood oranges.

Persian Nights

Intelligentsia Single-Origin Espresso, Pomegranate Molasses, Cardamom, Ground Cumin-roasted Almonds and Pistachios

Inspired by one of my favorite beverages, Turkish coffee, this slab has warm spices like cumin and cardamom backed up by tart pomegranate molasses and roasted nuts. If you are looking for the most decadent BLT you can make, this is the one for you!

Only $30/slab or try all 5 flavors for $125!!

Each slab of bacon begins as a 2.5 lb slab of fresh local pork belly and gets cured in any number of ingredients ranging from gin and roses to special single-origin coffees and blood oranges. Orders for Spring Slabs & Slices can be placed by contacting:

Place your orders by March 31st to get your slabs on April 15th!

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