Holiday Gift Guide is out – This year give the gift of gay

All I want for Christmas is you

I’m super excited to announce that this year qPDX teamed up with Ally Picard and a host of local queer run businesses to present you with our First Annual Holigay Gift Guide. With gift ideas for the, Art Fag, Bibliophile, Fashionista, Foodie, Fun Lover, Music Nerd and the Well Groomed Health Nut you can’t go wrong.

I’m particularly excited about sweet sweet meats from the Ethical Butcher. Sign me up for the 2.5 pound slab of bacon cured in ingredients of your such such as rum and chocolate or ginger root and orange slices. But the real deal is the in-home feast with special prices only available from the Holigay Gift Guide. An appetizer or small plate, main course and dessert from $10-25 per person? That’s the best effing deal in town.

Or how about the delicate and elegant jewelery of Sword + Fern?… showcasing pieces like this intricate and interestingly titled Ancient Future Necklace.

And, of course we all know and love Fat Fancy, that plus-sized bastion of fashion that’s frequented by Portland superstar Beth Ditto. It’s time to get a web presence ladies. We want to at least see some examples of your amazing wares!

As for me, I might just want my house cleaned by a French maid

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