Free ads for December on qPDX and other local sites

qPDX is super excited to be a part of a burgeoning new service for local business called PDX Web Ads. It’s tough for both local businesses and local publishers to connect one on one…we’re all too busy making our products and doing our thing! Commercial ads like Google’s Adsense are great, but they only pay pennies, they’re not tailored to our local needs and we sometimes get some strange products that we don’t really want to promote. Co-creator Heather G expresses it well on her blog Mile 73:

Dave and I both love writing our blogs. We’ve both been at it now for a number of years. For a long time, we have discussed various ways to try to make a little money from our writing without turning our sites into a patchwork of tacky advertisements. We figured other bloggers must have the same dilemma.

At the same time, we realized we’d much rather support businesses in Portland and in our neighborhood than host ads for teeth whitening or belly flab. We started doing some research on how to start our own online ad network featuring local websites and serving local businesses.

So we decided we don’t need them. What we need is each other. We need you. And to show you how much we care PDX Web Ads are FREE for the whole month of December. That’s right, when businesses need to advertise most we’ve got you covered, even if you have no profit yet to spend on marketing. We think you’ll like working with us in the future and we want to give you a no-risk chance to try it out. Well even help make your basic 125×125 size ad that will appear on Portland Poutine, Mile 73, Dave Knows, Tri-Met Diaries and Portland Soccer Bars in addition to this site. So whether you want to target the foodies, the travelers, the jocks, the gays or just the “keep Portland weird” crowd we’ve got you covered.

On a related note, keep your eyes out for our Holigay Gift Guide, coming soon.

4 comments to Free ads for December on qPDX and other local sites

  • Thanks for partnering with us Alley! Whoo!

  • Lane

    I’m really saddened that the ads being displayed are rather irrelevant to the queer community. The ads look trashy even to a queen like me.

  • Wow haterade. I’m not sure if you’re referring to the old ones from the Gay Ad Network or the new small local Portland ads but I feel like the GAN ones are at least targeting a gay audience even if they’re not always pretty but the local PDX ones are all pretty nicely designed. They may not all be gay but they are all gay-friendly and local so I think they’re definitely relevant.

  • I applaud Dave and Heather for this innovative iniatiative and hope it brings relevant ads to the sites who partner with them in addition to revenue. On a side note…. Google Adsense is really for amateurs all together the real money is in direct ad sales, sponsorships and affiliate advertising.