Giant Gayrage sale redux!

I’m not the worst furniture and stuff who but I do like nice things for cheap. Scouring garage and estate sales can be fun when you find that treasure but can also be a nightmare of broken children’s toys and crap you can’t pay to give away. Wading through the drek to find one tiny gem can be an all day affair. Not so at last year’s Gay-rage sale, happening again this year at Vendetta (4306 N Williams).

There are few crappy items when the gays decide it’s time to upgrade. Instead you’ll find a patio full of vintage furniture, hand screen-printed graphic tees for a dollar, and weird velvet art. Last year I scored a perfectly fitted pink cowboy shirt, and that 50s desk lamp only narrowly escaped my grasp. And towards the end, everything left is reduced by half. HALF YO!

Better yet, forget having to be an early bird. This party goes from 3pm to dusk, so plenty of time to sleep through the hangover before you start again. Because yes, you can also shop with beer in hand.

With over 10 vendors of taste organizers claim you’d be a fool to miss this and I agree with them.

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