Just Out’s 2010 Amateur Pride Photo Contest

2007 "People" category winner Lee Kyle's “Kajanne Pepper in Stripes”

Even though it is still may and the rain continues to dampen our spirits as we head into the official beginning of summer, Memorial Day, and Pride Season, I’m starting not to be able to control my upcoming seasonal excitement.

qPDX has plans to march, of course, cover the hell out of our local festivities, and tweet all the cool stuff the whole time (my apologies if the tweets start to get messy by the end of each evening). But even better? We’re going to be doing it all again the next weekend from San Francisco!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. QDoc will kick off the season shortly, and we’ll have some stellar review coverage this year. But you can get just ask excited as me RIGHT NOW by entering Just Out’s 2010 Amateur Pride Photo Contest. It’s bound to be an interesting competition this year with all kinds of new staff at the JO as well as…drumroll…celebrity guest judging from yours truly. (You’re calling me a local celebrity? Well of course I’ll [fill in the blank]. Flattery will get you everywhere…) Here’s some of my judgemental comrades:

We give you our opinions ALL THE TIME; so we decided to bring on some amazing celebrity panelists to judge the 2010 entries. New Wave Drag Entertainer Artemis Chase, founder/writer/producer Alley Hector, Q Center Operations Coordinator Paul Fukui, and “Toots Caboose” himself…Jeff Fisher will all act as judges this year, deliberating photos in the categories of:







In what is sure to be an interesting mix of your family snapshots with Lady Gaga-esque art photography of Fido walking your favorite drag queen on a leash, there will be actual cash prizes. That’s right even in this economy the JO is steppin’ up with winners in each category receiving $100 each. Judges will then pick from all of the photos submitted a third place winner, to be awarded $150; a second place winner, to be awarded $250; and the Grand Prize Winner of Just Out’s 2010 Amateur Pride Photo Contest will receive $500!

All entries must be received by Tuesday, June 1st! There is no cost to enter, and there is a maximum of five entries per person. PRINTS ONLY! You can mail or drop them off the the offices at 6234 N Greeley Ave. To reiterate: No digital submissions will be allowed.

Word, it actually has to look good hanging on a wall, not just on your Facebook page…

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