The weekend's videos: The "Real" L Word and Anna Paquin is bisexual for a cause

The cast of 'The Real L Word'

In this week that ends both the resurrection as well the the famed Dinah Shore weekend gays and lesbians are tired and news is thin. Even I stayed in on Saturday night, much to my housemate’s amazement. So instead of a weekend recap let’s greet Monday with two videos that have been making their way around the web.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the trailer for Ilene Chaiken‘s new series The Real L Word. By all accounts it looks as vapid as the fictional series.

Secondly we have Anna Paquin coming out as bisexual for the Give a Damn campaign. Apparently whether this was a ploy for more media attention or not it worked, as I heard the site was shut down for a couple hours as folks wanted to verify Paquin’s admission.

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