Tegan and Sara bring lezhipsters together at the Keller

Tegan and Sara. Photo by Pamela Littky

Twin hottie hipster folk-rock faves Tegan and Sara will be bringing the ladies down to the Keller Auditorium this Thursday the 8th when they take the stage with openers Steel Train & Holly Miranda. And while the confinement to seats might damper the spirit slightly, there will still most certainly be a plethora of doe-eyed baby dykes swooning over the sounds of the dual talented singer/songwriters.

Though I have sung the praises of both their most recent release Sainthood as well as 2007’s The Con I have never actually gotten to see them live. So this week should be an interesting experience as I finally get to see the pair I have dubbed, “Soulful, skillful, intense and at times downright strange…these girls have somehow managed to capture our hearts in a way that is certainly odd, possibly endearing, and yet a lot less sappy than I would expect.”

A bit worried that I might find myself in a sea of lesbians a decade my junior, I am, nevertheless, quite excited to let Tegan and Sara lead me on a musically sweet and nuanced journey. And hey, I can sit down when my old lady legs give out on me.

Their last Portland appearance was sold out, and while this show still has many good seats but it’s a good idea to get your tickets as soon as possible. I did not like their most recent release quite as much as The Con, but it is an album filled with quality tracks. The Chris Walla produced Sainthood rings true, and a little brighter, than the last release with gems such as the poppy “Arrow” or the energetic “Don’t Rush.”

What’s even more interesting is how they like to use social media and blogging to keep their young fan base up to date. So whether or not you can make it out on Thursday you can always tune in to the Tegan and Sara show through their blog and website.

You can check out their newest music video for “Alligator” below:

Alligator from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

2 comments to Tegan and Sara bring lezhipsters together at the Keller

  • The Keller was a weird venue. Is there any other options between the Wonder and the Rose Garden?

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