A weekend for ladies, menz, and everything in between

Tahoe Jackson will perform Saturday at the Red Dress fundraiser. Photo by Wayne Bund

This beautiful spring day has all the local queers riled up and ready to mingle. And we have many opportunities to do so. The weekend kicks off tomorrow not only with the Tranny Roadshow but with Crave for the ladies Menz Room and Red Cap’s official Red Dress Pre-Party for the dudes, and Cuda Cabaret for the artfags.

The qPDX sponsored Crave brings the ladybeat back to Crush (1400 SE Morrison) with a Purple Rain theme that will have your doves crying and your feet dancing. DJs Alicious and Boy return to the decks with some 1999 love for your dripping purple heart. Oh and did I mention that Go Go Girls will bring out squirt guns to get the sweaty crowd into the wet, rainy spirit?

Menz Room at Branx (320 SE 2nd Ave) and Cuda Cabaret at Barracuda (9 NW 2nd) are also fine Friday happenings. Although I was unable to attend the inaugural MR this seedy sounding club night should get your creepy facial hair bristling as you listen to the sounds of DJs Permanent Wave (Erase Errata/Art Party), Yer Momm (Blow Pony) and Lucas. Cheaper entry with a ‘stache, pun intended. And t gets even sexier at the burlesque performances of Cuda featuring Angelique DeVil, Euphemia Fox & Swingtease, Honey LaFleur, Miss Cherry Valance, Hai Fleisch, Baby LeStrange, ScuseMe of the Rose City Sirens, bellydance artists Duo Du Ventre and the SinnSavvy debut performance of Meghan Mayhem!

But the biggest place for the boys is likely to be Red Cap Garage (1035 SW Stark) where you will get a chance to test run that red frock as you prepare for the weekend’s biggest party and fundraiser, Red Dress the next day. That Saturday madness starts at 9pm at the Bison Building (419 NE 10th Ave).

“Murder” will be on the tip of everyone’s tongue as they enter the haunted hotel inspired by The Shinning and Timberline Lodge. At 9:30 Tahoe Jackson will greet party goers with a murderous set.  DJ Harmonix and DJ Tronic will master the mixes on two dance floors and everyone will have a good scare on their trip through the outdoor hedge maze.

But if you can’t afford the steep price tag for what is sure to be another who’s who of the Portland gay and lesbian scene, surely you can cough up 3 bills for the always packed Gaycation at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison) DJs Girlfriends, Snowtiger and recently returned from Dinah Shore, Mr Charming.

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  • Hi QPDX, thank again for your support! We’re expecting the ‘Purple Rain’ party to TOP the attendance of our most successful event to date, last August’s ‘Glow’ party! GET THERE EARLY! Can’t wait to see all your gorgeous faces on the dance floor!

    Crush Bar 1400 SE Morrison St

    FREE before 9pm
    $5 before 10pm
    $7 the rest of the night