Homomentum’s Love Bugs

Aw, Valentine’s Day can be so cute you throw up in your mouth a little. And who knows what to expect from those freaky performance artists at Homomentum when they take on the pink and red clashing holiday. Puke is not out of the question, especially when organizer and emcee Max Voltage makes the claim that this month’s Love Bugs has the biggest lineup yet with  Under the Radar, Pidge Von Tramp, JC Incorporated, Snazfag Superheroes, Radical Cheer and so much more.

For those of you who have not completely given up on love (or at least the Portland queer dating scene) Love Bugs also gives you the chance to win Tegan and Sara tickets when you play the dating game. A dangerous undertaking for sure, most of us approach this diversion with a healthy amount of wariness. But when someone else is paying it makes it easier to enjoy the prospect of a night as arm candy…

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