Mighty Real with ex-Tribe 8 members Silas Howard and Lynnee Breedlove

Some of the most memorable shows in my La Luna-laden high school experiences were the ones featuring uber-dyke band Tribe 8. They were punk-as-f*ck and gave off so much energy my teenage heart nearly exploded. Alas now the 90s are gone and I am grown. So too have the members of Tribe 8 grown into more complex artists than they were before.

Two former members, dreamy Silas Howard and silly Lynnee Breedlove are once again bringing their amazing energy to a Portland stage tomorrow night with Mighty Real at Plan B (1305 SE 8th Ave) at 8:30pm.

Lynnee and Silas on tour together again, ten years later, this time minus chicks and guitars. You like em all styles? We got em all styles. Both writers, directors, and musicians, Silas is a real musician/director and Lynnee is a poser. Silas makes 50-Cent videos and Lynnee is an improv comic. Silas is poignant and handsome, and Lynnee is funny and ugly. Sometimes they switch, but always disarming, alarming, and keeping you on your rocker boot toes.

Both trace queer history, examining its impact on their lives as transmen today. Silas takes a deep look at Billy Tipton, a stealth trans jazzman and Lynnee pays homage to Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, LGBT feminist activists.

Lynnee Breedlove’s all new one-freak show, Confessions of a Poser is a comic look at men’s bodies, the mystery of the purple dick, lesbian legacies and how to use them, family, the impossibility of manhood, fatherhood, butch heroes, and the evil drive to feminize. Buckets, knives, and body parts are still integral to the show.

Silas Howard’s brand new one-man show, Thank you for Being Urgent is a textured tale of a transman coming up in the queer punk world of San Francisco and spilling into the crappy and exalted glitter of Hollywood. He searches for true tales of fierce outsiders and re-imagines the mainstream. Our hero begs sanity from mystery man Mr. Hollywood through playful and plaintive letters, ruminating on desire, shame, and the infinite loopholes in the American Dream. Traversing serendipitous heights and punishing ironies, Thank you for Being Urgent chronicles burlesque dancers with dementia, tranny jazzmen and film executives, using archival photos, monologue and charm.

The night will also feature Pink Slip, Sei Hexe, Timekeepers, & DJ Hookerface $$6-8 sliding scale. With some fresh queer faces and a venue (with a huge and wonderful outdoor area) that we haven’t utilized since the latter days of Booty this is one Thursday where it might indeed be worth it to skip the usual Slaughters/Delicious duo.

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