Sissyboy and the return of Blow Pony…Saturday night was a doozy


'Sissyboy Washes Up' Photo by Marty Davis / Just Out

This weekend was pretty epic. Indeed the fact/excuse that this review is a day or two late is testament to just how big a queer party weekend it was.

Friday started it off with an extremely packed and sweaty Fruitcake which may quickly outgrow its britches, and perhaps already has, in the fine tradition of upstarts such as Booty. But it was Saturday’s combo of 2 big returns, Sissyboy and Blow Pony, that truly raised the roof.

The boys’ return to the stage with Sissyboy Washes Up, was just a raunchy as ever, and any fears of “whitewashing” were quickly allayed with the appearance of a mermaid enema, a fairy covered in shit, and a Silence of the Lambs style torture scene, all of which you can see in the not-so-safe-for-work photo gallery from Just Out. And while Sissyboy is still most entertaining for their fabulous costumes and sheer audacity than their quality scripting I can certainly get behind a show that makes fun of pretentious NYC performance art.

It was just the right appetizer for the night’s main course. Though most of us were already frenzied, photographer extraordinaire Marty Davis was sober enough to get a second gallery for the night (and though I am quite happy to see many familiar faces, I am, thankfully, not one of them).

As a whole BP was the success it was expected to be. With guest DJs Mr Charming and Freddie Fagula in addition to regulars Airick and others and the beautiful, breezy outside dance floor you really couldn’t go wrong.

But the summer will not last forever and without opening the top floor or the Branx/Rotture complex Blow Pony is likely to become a hot hole of crowded bodies where long lines at the tiny bathroom and bar are likely to make drunken tempers flair. And despite ample spots none of BP’s regular dancers seemed to be shaking it out in any prominent way. It’s just lucky that Portland patrons are usually just as wild as the performers themselves.


A femme clown posse busts it out at the return of Blow Pony. Photo by Marty Davis / Just Out

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  • Just to let you know, we will have the top floor of Rotture open for Blow Pony starting next month. So there will be plenty of indoor space and bathrooms for everyone!