Lynnee Breedlove’s tough crowd review

Last night’s show featuring ex-Tribe 8 member Lynnee Breedlove was a welcome interim into a night of rockin’ bands. The kind of show I have not had the pleasure of attending in awhile. And while the appearance of Mighty Real tour partner Silas Howard was missed Breedlove’s opposite of stripping one-(wo)man-show was an enjoyable tribute to gender non-conformity, personal anecdote and two recently passed leaders of the gay and lesbian movement, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon.

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Mighty Real with ex-Tribe 8 members Silas Howard and Lynnee Breedlove

Some of the most memorable shows in my La Luna-laden high school experiences were the ones featuring uber-dyke band Tribe 8. They were punk-as-f*ck and gave off so much energy my teenage heart nearly exploded. Alas now the 90s are gone and I am grown. So too have the members of Tribe 8 grown into more complex artists than they were before.

Two former members, dreamy Silas Howard and silly Lynnee Breedlove are once again bringing their amazing energy to a Portland stage tomorrow night with Mighty Real at Plan B (1305 SE 8th Ave) at 8:30pm.

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