Lynnee Breedlove’s tough crowd review

Last night’s show featuring ex-Tribe 8 member Lynnee Breedlove was a welcome interim into a night of rockin’ bands. The kind of show I have not had the pleasure of attending in awhile. And while the appearance of Mighty Real tour partner Silas Howard was missed Breedlove’s opposite of stripping one-(wo)man-show was an enjoyable tribute to gender non-conformity, personal anecdote and two recently passed leaders of the gay and lesbian movement, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon.

The comedy sketch at times strained for laughs but the blase and over-educated audience was a tough sell. Chuckles erupted here and there and Breedlove is certainly charming, if not as poised and hilarious as one might expect from someone who has been a stage persona for so long.

Rockin’ sounds were better suited for the Plan B venue, with it’s wide open patio space and openers Pink Slip were pure pop punk pleasure. But the real nuance came from Sei Hexe whose harmonies meshed perfectly with complex and satisfying guitar licks and some of the best energetic drum beats I have heard in a long time. When these folks get on stage with Erase Errata, The LoversTeam Dresch later this month and , prepare to be blown away.

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