It's finally summer! Time to go to Sauvies.

A queer guide to Sauvies Island!

A queer guide to Sauvie's Island!

Sun, sand, swimming, summer….Sauvies! You’ve heard about it, but you’ve never been? Well here’s your ultimate Summer Guide To Sauvie’s Island! In fact, 2/3rds of will be at the naked gay beach on Sauvies just today, so i’ll take some pictures of the signs so you can find it easier. If the “Naked” aspect makes you hesitant, not to worry. Lots of dykes wear shorts and go topless, lots of dudes wear shorts, and yes, some go naked. The area we are describing is queer/trans friendly so chest surgery scars etc are a relatively common sight.

Sauvie’s Island is an Island in the columbia river to the northwest of Portland. You can take a Trimet bus to get there and cycle the rest (from the bus stop to the beach) but ideally you will need some fun friends who have a car. It takes about 30-45 mins from most parts of Portland, and below are some directions that I copied from a nudist website.. You’ll need a parking permit you can buy from the general store for a few bucks.

By car, take Highway 30 north from Portland, or south from St. Helens. North of the town of Linnton, watch for a sign, “Sauvie Island Bridge” at a traffic-light-controlled intersection. Turn onto the bridge. Note: If you have not already purchased a daily or yearly parking permit, you will need to do so. They are available at the general store at the base of the bridge as you cross the river channel. A daily pass is $3.50; an annual permit is $11.00. Be sure to place this on your dash when you park at the beach.

You have two choices as to routes to Collins Beach: One is to take GIllihan road, which runs from the general store underneath the bridge, and follow it for several miles to the intersection with Reeder Road, turning right onto Reeder Road. Or, take Sauvie Island Road north from the store (turn left out of the store parking lot), and turn right onto Reeder Road a few miles up. Continue on Reeder Road after it intersects with Gillihan Road.

Whichever route you choose, follow Reeder Road, which will become a bit narrower and rougher as it crosses into Columbia County. Stay on Reeder Road, passing Reeder Beach, a small RV park and marina, and a few farms. Stay on Reeder until the road turns to gravel (the beach parking lot along the paved portion is a clothed beach, known as Walton Beach). One you reach the gravel portion, you will see a sign: Entering Clothing-Optional Area. Parking is along the left-hand side of the road; foot trails to the beach are on the right, marked 1 through 6.

If you’re a queermo, the beach you want is Collins Beach Clothing Optional area, the last main beach entry to the north. You should already be on a gravel track. There is an entrance to the beach, a toilet hut…check the cars if you are not sure. You’ll see more HRC and rainbow flags on people’s cars for sure. I’m only partially joking! Follow the path through the woods and stay left. Keep going maybe 200-300 feet to your left, either on the beach or on one of the paths. You will see a lot of nakedy people and hopefully, lots of dykes and queers! This is the sauvie island queer beach. There are usually also some boats anchored near the shore with rainbow flags on them. This area is busiest on the weekend, but you will always find people here on hot days. Many come just for the afternoon, or stay the hot day. The area can be if you’re looking for some action, I’m sure you’ll find it, but it’s not super obvious and it’s not bothersome.

What to bring:
-Gas in your tank – there is no gas on the island
-typical beach stuff like towel, sunscreen, sandals, floaty devices ?, a book to read?
-many people bring beer
-bring snacks for sure, and water. There is no shop nearby.
-If you have a dog, bring a water dish, doggy bags and a leash for sure, as there are many dogs in the area.
-a bag for trash (please pick up after yourself..!)

Sauvie Island Beach Map. Gay beach is near MP 11 on (B)Reeder Rd. Click to enlarge

Sauvie Island Beach Map. Gay beach is near MP 11 on (B)Reeder Rd. Click to enlarge

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