Play/Start and the Gay Deceivers tonight


Sarah Gottesdiener of the Gay Deceivers

As if your Thursday not-quite-weekend night wasn’t full enough with special guests at Delicious and free HIV testing with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence there’s some kickin’ live music as well. Play/Start, the Gay Deceivers, and The I’s take the stage at the E Room tonight (3701 SE Division) at 8pm. (you probably have time to make it downtown to dance afterwards…)

The raucously artsy Deceivers will even feature drum stylings from the amazing STS, formerly of The Haggard, Cadallacca and numerous other projects.

You gotta love the Deceiver’s self-description:

Gay Deceivers were formed over a dance contest in 1986. Haley and Sarah tied for first place. Fast forward 10 years when they were unfairly banned after laying waste to the West Hartford town hall. Fast forward 10 more years to Portland, Oregon, where this divine duo crossed paths once again and received celestial transmissions from another dimension. Listen, but be forewarned. These sounds are not for the uninitiated, so bend over, bitch. The group’s first album comes out in January 2009. It was recorded with Radio Sloan and will be out on Cherchez La Femme Projects.

And the awesomeness continues with a very Portland-esque video:

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