Pride weekend begins…Thursday parties


RuPaul Drag Race winner Bebe, will make a special guest appearance at the Portland Edition finale

Take a deep breath my friends, because Pride weekend is here…You might want to take this evening to relax and prepare. I’m sure I’m gonna wreck the closet tonight. Because the fun starts tomorrow and it just ain’t gonna stop for days. And each day qPDX will preview the night’s happenings, making sure to highlight our picks. So get your Red Bull and vodka together and try not to spill on that party dress, because it’s gonna be a doozy.

The Portland Drag Race Finale

If you have been paying attention to the weeks and weeks of the knock-down, drag-out contest at Red Cap Garage you already know that the mania can only culminate in amazement. Among a host of fabulous guest judges in the past such as Sam Adams and Marty Davis the regulars Byron Beck and Lisa Schroeder will finally be deciding the winner. And to crown the queen will be RuPaul Drag Race winner Bebe. Will there be catfights and flying wigs? Only one way to find out!

Byron Beck’s Big Gay Barfly Bus

I have always been a fan of the helpfully debaucherous BarFly Mag/Website. And though I have never attended one of their infamous bar hopping buses the lure of VIP no cover status, and not worrying about transportation is strong. Add in the gay factor and the fact that it’s a benefit for Basic Rights Oregon, and it becomes irresisible.

Gender Bender Variety Show

Nearly all your favorite burlesque and gender-benders performing in one place despite the Burnside divide. Check out Perry’s preview for more info.

jenniferlanierinnoneoftheaboveat-1Jennifer Lanier

None of the Above

If dancing and drinking aren’t enough you can check out another nightscene with a hilarious lesbian comedy show at the Q Center.  And while I have never experienced the hilarity of comedienne Jennifer Lanier Curve Magazine calls her “one of America’s funniest lesbians.” With an alter ego that goes by the name of “Bruce the Drag King” how can you go wrong?

Also, I just heard about the following:

-Portland Black Pride Opening Reception and Jill Scott Viewing Party, 5:30pm @ Crush
-Portland Black Pride Step! Fashion Gala, 8pm @ Q-Center
-Pride Kickoff Party, Hosted by HRC, 7-9pm @ Hobo’s

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