The year’s bests…

Marcher at Pride 2008

It’s coming upon that special time of year where you not only stuff yourself silly with food and drink as much as you can to get yourself through family gatherings, but we also take time to reflect on the queer year.

Last year I relied completely on my own quirky opinion to give you 5 different “Best of 2007” lists. This year shouldn’t be terribly different but I do want to gather the opinion of my audience.

What were your favorite local, national or celebrity news stories? What was your favorite album, movie or TV show? With some help from you, dear readers, hopefully this memory-lapsing mind of mine can get beyond Katy Perry and Thomas Beatie

Beyond that, maybe there’s some fun categories I missed altogether. The 2007 posts consisted of:

Best albums
(I’m really not sure 2007 can be beat)

Best TV (and a little film)
(I am a full fledged Ugly Betty and Dirty Sexy Money fan now)

Best “Are they or aren’t they?”
(Um, yes, they are…)

Best local headlines
(Contrary to popular belief I do not dislike Byron, he just made good news. His writing in WW will be missed but you can find him at a new blog window now…)

Best national deadlines
(Ann Coulter can stir controversy without even opening her mouth this year…)

So, is that enough for insatiable internet news, gossip and culture mongers? What else would you like to see?

2 comments to The year’s bests…

  • gunsight

    None of this garbage belongs in a real newspaper. But since it is in the Oregonian I guess it is not in a real newspaper, just another ultra liberal bird cage liner.

  • qpdx

    I challenge you to line the birdcage with this blog…