Day Without a Gay

The internets are abuzz with talk of tomorrow’s “call in gay to work” day in protest of Prop 8. Indeed, it will be interesting to see how the economy and jobs function if the workforce and marketplace lose all their out gays (let alone the closeted ones).

Day Without A Gay seeks to shift our strong feelings about injustice toward service! Let’s fight for equality by out-loving those who would deny us rights. Call in “gay” on December 10th (International Human Rights Day) and volunteer for your local LGBT and/or human rights organizations.

This site allows the LGBT community and our allies to be active in the search for service by posting and searching volunteer opportunities. We will not sit at home on December 10, 2008. We will offer love and support to those who need it most, the way only the gay community can!

As for me, I can’t really fault my workplace for the demise of California’s gay marriage and I have plenty of work to do to keep Oregon a happily gay state while in my workplace. So I will be here tomorrow. Many of you won’t be able to take time off work due to the economy, discrimination or many other factors and it’s important to recognize that too. So there’s also an area dedicated to things you can do if you can’t call in gay to work. It is here, too, that you will find a host of volunteering opportunities as well as a place to post your organization’s volunteering needs.

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