XLR8R magazine’s PDX issue: DJ Copy mix

Besides making great music, local boy DJ Copy, aka Marius Libman, also has some amazing fashion sense

The hipster electro music magazine, XLR8R, is an institution that generally dedicates its hallowed pages to the much more populous and famously cosmopolitan cities around the world such as Paris or New York. But apparently the country’s love affair with Portland has finally infiltrated this corner. Dubbed PDXLR8R, WW’s Localcut has a comprehensive review of the love.

All our ego-building aside, I’m also proud that Portland’s electronic/dance/get down scenes include plenty of queers. In fact the PDX issue’s aural component is a mix by Marius Libman, aka DJ Copy. His 86 ‘Til Infinity mix, done specifically for PDXLR8R and includes the local staples:

01 Nu Shooz “Point of No Return” (Atlantic)
02 Glass Candy “Etheric Device” (Italians Do It Better)
03 Strength “Wilderness” (Community Disco)
04 Arohan “Darkunderground” (Previously Unreleased)
05 Hedford Vachal “Toys” (Tirk)
06 Atole “Satyricow (Copy Remix)” (Previously Unreleased)
07 Yacht “Summer Song” (DFA)
08 The Blow “The Love That I Crave (Strategy Strata Mix)” (Holocene)
09 Solenoid “Runway Relocator” (Failing)
10 Copy “Breakfast” (Previously Unreleased)
11 Panther “Violence, Diamonds (E*rock Remix)” (Kill Rock Stars)
12 Dat’r “Innercom/Innercalm” (Hush)
13 Starfucker “Holly” (Badman)

You can download the MP3 or listen here:

Copy will be showing off his skills at home this Saturday Nov. 1 at an all ages show at Backspace (115 NW 5th) with Atole — which he just joined as a fifth member and which also features Manny Reyes, whom Copy has collaborated with in the gayalicious Do’N’Dudes — Guidance Counselor, Explosivo and sweetly mellow queer DJ Linoleum.

They will all get you crazy on the dance floor for Day of the Dead.

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  • amydivine

    Just thought you should know….although I’d never heard of this magazine before, since you blogged about it I went to Easy Street Records and picked up the Portland issue. And it’s AWESOME! 🙂